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To make a Reservation Request at one of the QM Resorts to be used for your own 3rd party rental, Please call the reservation department at 1 (800) 821-4912 Monday-Friday, excluding holidays or simply fill out an online 3rd Party Booking Request below and someone will get with you shortly.

Online 3rd Party Booking Request

Please note – This booking system is intended to inform us of your intent utilize a 3rd party rental stay with us and does not guarantee your reservation

Resort - Third Party Sales Agreement Request Form

Some owners are using sites such as Airbnb or VRBO to rent their unused timeshare week to offset the costs of their maintenance fees! This can prove to be a valuable strategy if you decide that you might not use your week or decide to split your time. Using this method can save you some expenses related to the Owner Rental Program but it also requires further action on your behalf if you desire to use a site like this.
    Your dues must be PAID IN FULL to rent to a third party. If you have not yet paid your dues in full please contact our accounting department at 1-800-788-4297
    You must have already booked time at your home resort before marketing your time through a third party provider.
  • Please enter your Owner Member Account #. You can locate your account number on previous correspondence or from your purchase agreement.
  • Please enter your Name
  • Please enter your email.
  • Please enter your phone number
  • If you have NOT booked your time yet please contact reservations BEFORE submitting this form at 1-800-788-4297 Mon - Fri 8:30AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time.
  • Enter the arrival date for your "Home Resort" booking
  • Enter the departure date for your home resort booking
    I understand that I am ultimately responsible for any damages or theft that may occur during my guest(s) stay. I understand the front desk will collect a $100 deposit from my guest(s) upon arrival. If QM Resorts is unable to collect for any damages then it will be MY responsibility to cover damages and attempt to collect from the renter directly.
    I understand that I will have to pay additional cleaning fees if I rent my time to more than one renter. It will be payable for each successive stay past the initial reservation in the following amounts: Studio - $60 1 Bedroom - $70 2 Bedroom - $85 North Lake Villa- $100 The fee must be paid at the time of the request and will be paid to the reservations department at 1-800-788-4297