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Club QM allows YOU the opportunity to travel to the world’s best destinations with one phone call!

As a member of Club QM, you are one call away from the vacation of your dreams. You and your family will enjoy the best destinations all with the comforts of your own home! Make one call to Club QM and let us do the rest. We have an excellent reputation with Interval International and have the connections and time to cater to your vacation requests. This cuts out hours of your time spent making resort requests and following up. Let Club QM make YOUR vacation dreams a reality! Their are thousands of exchange options available through our affiliations with leading exchange companies. With Club QM, vacation owners have choices, not restrictions.


Interval International

Known as The Quality Vacation Exchange Network®, Interval International® has operated exchange and membership programs for vacation owners worldwide for more than 35 years. Interval has a network of about 2,800 resorts in more than 75 countries and serves approximately 2 million member families who are enrolled in various programs.

Exchange Your Week

Vacation owners enjoy great home resort destinations, but when they want a change, Interval International membership gives them the opportunity to trade their week for time at a different resort, or to vacation at a different time of the year, with hundreds of vacation exchange choices. It’s the ultimate in flexibility!

The way vacation exchange works is simple. Interval International members trade their resort time for that relinquished by other members through a worldwide exchange system. With the Deposit First method, Interval members deposit their week before placing an exchange request. Deposit First generally provides a travel window of up to three years, which gives Interval the most time to find a suitable match. Or they can use Interval’s unique Request First, and have the security of retaining their week until a comparable match is confirmed.

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