QM Resorts. 515 Nichols Blvd, Sparks, NV 89431

Director Of Marketing

Director Of Marketing – Sparks NV

The QM Resorts Director of Marketing will be responsible for providing tour flow to our Reno and Lake Tahoe sales centers utilizing multiple channels and executing marketing promotions and strategies from concept to completion. Our marketing leader must be a strategic thinker and will be involved in all aspects of the marketing process. 

The Director of Marketing completes administrative duties related to the management of the QM Resorts marketing departments. Director of Marketing trains individual marketing department managers to learn a uniform presentation to assist the clients to participate in a tour along with the management of the individual departments. Training TM Manager on the package details, credit card procedures and completing paperwork related to the booking are all part of the job for a Director of Marketing. 

Works directly with the Director of Sales to ensure the organization’s customer service policies, objectives, and initiatives are in line with the organization’s vision. 

Must be proficient and have experience in managing all aspects of Time Share marketing. Including but not limited to on-site Concierges, OPC, Email, Direct Mail and Call Center tour generation.

Director of Marketing works directly with managers and associates from these marketing departments in regards to sales activities including marketing, contract processing, accounting, RMS, resort staff, and Guest Services. Director of Marketing shall be current with and adhere strictly to NAC 119A, NRS 119A, NAC 645 and NRS 645. While spending time in an office is part of the job for a Director of Marketing, meeting with and training TM associates, lead management, reducing cancels, managing the call center floor and converting bookings into tours is the bulk of the job. Shift meetings, lead management, ongoing training and managing the TM associates are all within the scope of a hard day`s work for a Director of Marketing. Having an eye for detail, being able to remain organized and working with competing priorities are must-have skills for this role.

Our ideal candidate MUST HAVE: 

• Executive Level Timeshare Marketing Experience

• Experience in managing OPC’s, In-house Concierges, and Telemarketing Call Centers 

• A strong desire to succeed and do whatever is necessary to hit key metrics. 

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