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Direct Exchange Specialist

QM RESORTS is hiring a Direct Exchange Specialist. Looking for a person with experience in group sales, reservation experience for a timeshare company/hotel/motel, or travel agent experience. QM Resorts is a fantastic company with this full-time position M-F, offering Med/Den/Vis/Life/ADD/LTD, employee accommodations,vacation and sick time and much more! RCC experience a definite plus!

Provide a First-Rate Guest Experience and provides information to guests about resort policies, services and amenities. Responds to requests from guests for assistance and information about the local area (e.g. directions, places to eat, etc.).
Answer numerous incoming calls, identify Owners (Club or Traditional), count the Club Owner’s time, explain how Owner’s time can be used both Club & Traditional, book reservations (both by phone and request forms). Phone calls can entail a simple reservation to time-consuming projects such as Direct Exchange, either putting into Easy to go through Interval, or if under 60 days – going to Intervals web site and looking up availability.
Answer questions Owners may have in regards to what they own or how much time they actually have to use.
Explain Direct Exchange vs. II
Look for resorts of interest for Owners looking to travel less than 60 days
Enter “Request First” on II system
Enter “Deposit First” on II system
Book/Track/Log Kingsbury Crossing reservations for Owners
Fax verification sign-offs to vendors
Fax (send) Final Confirmation to Owners and vendors
Print and re-confirm expected check in reservations with resort or vendors
Verify and charge credit cards on NLLV c.c. machine in RMS
Enter II and RCI reservations (Thus. Three week notification) and (Fri reports)
Download RCI (Resort Link) for Thunderbird, North Lake, Tahoe Chaparral and Ridge Sierra incoming reservations for upcoming week
Enter RCI Resort Activity Report (weekly)
Verify QM (Esprit Weeks) Maintenance Fees are current for upcoming year
Enter Comp reservations into Direct Exchange
E-mail vendors for availability
Take Walk-In Owners looking to either book reservations or do an exchange
Send and receive confirmations for Owners to be mailed
Communicate with vendors regarding QM availability
Cancel reservations that have been booked with II (before confirmation)
Cancel “Request First” in Direct Exchange
Cancel reservations in RCC
File Final Confirmations in file drawer
Fulfillment of Owners request put thru Direct Exchange or II
Contact Owners of availability of resorts choices thru Direct Exchange or II
Make copies of Thursday report to give to RMS
Post payment in Direct Exchange
Run Direct Exchange payment report 1-copy for RMS; 1-copy for Accounting
Fax “Owners Authorization for guest to use unit” to the resorts (Esprit Weeks)
Communicate with co-workers on regular basis about procedures
Book Tahoe Chaparral reservations 12 weeks out
Print Boarding Passes for Owners
Reconcile week balances with our Vendors
Block weeks for Vendors
Book reservations that are sent thru QM website
Book Board Member reservations
Process the rename/resale changes
Any other duties assigned by the Reservations Manager. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts or working conditions associated with the job.

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